These PowerPoints are designed to provide a brief overview of the key components and terms developed by the Quaglia Institute.

QISVA - An Introduction to The School Voice Process

There are three major components to the School Voice Process: Listen, Learn, and Lead. Effectively utilizing one's voice is not just about leading, but about first listening and being willing to learn from others.

QISVA - An Introduction to Voice Definition

Voice is voice, and it is critical that we have a common understanding of what it means, the expectations that encompass using one’s voice, and how the power of voice can be operationalized for the good of the whole.

QISVA - An Introduction to the Aspirations Profile

What accounts for the difference between a student who talks about goals and one who reaches them? What marks the difference between a teacher who works hard but has lost a sense of purpose and one who remains inspired by the difference they make for their students and the world?