Quaglia Schools of Action

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The Quaglia Institute for School Voice and Aspirations (QISVA) partners with schools committed to deepening their understanding and application of voice and aspirations. At the completion of training, qualified schools will be recognized as exemplars of the Quaglia Institute's work and serve as resources from which other schools in the district can learn. These schools will be highlighted as models for domestic and international educational leaders and policy makers who are invested in learning from schools that epitomize school voice and aspirations in action.

This model includes:

  • Four Professional Learning Sessions:
    • Understanding the Dynamics of School Voice
    • Introduction to the Aspirations Framework
    • Ensuring Self-Worth
    • Cultivating Engagement & Purpose

In addition to the established sessions, services will be tailored to address the specific needs of the school.

  • Support for the development of an onsite Aspirations Team, to become a model for other schools to learn from.
  • Regular access to a Quaglia Institute senior staff member for consultation and support between sessions.
  • Webinars: To supplement the professional learning sessions, Dr. Quaglia and his colleagues at the Quaglia Institute will host webinars where participants can share their successes, ask questions, build relationships with other Quaglia School Voice sites from around the world, and learn from leading global educational thought leaders.
  • Additional Voice Resources: To enhance and take full advantage of the Professional Learning Sessions, Webinars, and Project Aspire, the following resources are required as an integral part of the Quaglia School Voice model: