Quaglia Institute Surveys

Quaglia School Voice surveys are designed to measure the 8 Conditions across an entire school. Available for students, staff, and parents, these online surveys take about 10 minutes to complete and provide survey administrators with real-time reports. By utilizing Quaglia School Voice survey reports, teams of educators and students can work together to develop shared objectives and inspire meaningful improvements within their schools. To view the impact of voice in schools, please see our Student Voice Impact document.

The iKnow My Class survey helps individual classroom teachers in grades 3-5 and 6-12 discover students' perspectives about themselves as learners, course content, and instruction. It allows for ongoing, formative assessment of student perceptions and engagement and allows teachers to make necessary midcourse adjustments. This survey is available in English and Spanish.

QISVA provides customized professional development and support for analyzing student data, including free focus group resources, in order to help schools determine their next best steps. Find more information here.

You can login to your Quaglia School Voice account here.